About The Title “Butterflies & Hurricanes’

About 2 years ago, something amazing happened. I stumbled upon the group Muse, and my life was forever changed.

Ok, maybe it wasn’t THAT earth shattering, but I really dig their music. The title of my blog comes from one of their songs. The song is basically about sucking it up for the battle ahead and being the best. Personally I don’t think we can draw our power from ourselves internally, and I’m trying to move away from the ‘suck it up’ mentality. It’s more the title that struck me.

Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect, or chaos theory? The idea that even the slightest event can have an almost catastrophic impact in the future? With bipolar, something that is an acceptable life stresser to normal people can be a trigger that will set off the bp sufferer into a downward spiral into mania or depression.

It also, to me, describes how life can be peaceful one minute, yet storms roll in very quickly to disturb our serenity. It’s learning to adapt to that change that’s key.


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