And We Progress

We’ve been working on getting into the new routine these last few weeks as I continue to work full time. It’s been a challenge trying to juggle everything, which makes me all the more glad we are staying with the inlaws, and have so much help with meals and the kids. I just don’t know how I would have managed these last few weeks if it had just been the 4 of us.
Another big positive is that we have found a good pdoc and counselor. The pdoc is within 5 minutes of my office, which is wonderful! W can make the drive out now on his own, which is also a blessing, and I can sit in and keep up to date on the current treatment plan. Unlike the first pdoc we visited in the area, this one seems a lot more competent and engaged. He’ll also be working in tandem with the counselor to monitor W. He told us to get all the meds back to their original levels as they were when we first arrived here, with the exception of 1. Since then, W has seemed to be doing well, definitely much better then from when we took the other pdoc’s advice of backing off 4 meds at once.  :-/  W has smiled more these last 2 weeks then I’ve seen him smile in a long time. He’s acting more like the happy, calm, steady person I know. I think a combination of the medication levels, as well as finding a pdoc we both feel happy about, a good counselor, and W seeing that not only can I handle the full time position, but am enjoying it, has all worked to improve his mood.

With the shortening of days and the cold weather closing in, I hope and pray the upcoming months won’t prove to turn W’s mood bleak again. WE have also applied for long term disability, and await the decision. The selling of the house is also a source of some stress, as it eats up most of the extra cash we have right now for a place we’re not even living in anymore. We’ve lowered the price and have not had any interest. I believe it will sell when it’s time, but it, like the disability decision, are 2 major things looming right now that kinda place any long term decisions on hold until they are resolved. I do need to remind myself that we need to stay slow and steady, so that W’s recovery can be as complete and solid as possible. I would much rather be in a holding pattern for awhile then jump the gun and have to go through another breakdown.


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