Week 1 Over

Just a quick update. The week went well in regards to work, but was very tiring. In addition to completing my first full 40 hour workweek in over 6 years, my in-laws needed to travel for work, so I was on my own from Thursday evening on.

I think all the shifts in the routine were too much for W, and he was so down today he didn’t want to go out or really interact with us. He slept most of the day, and I didn’t see him perk up until after dinner. I prodded and pushed him to get out with us, but got frustrated after about 20 minutes and told him to just do what he wanted.

After reflecting now, it makes sense he dipped, and I wish I had been more empathetic. But I can’t beat myself up. It’s such a learning process. And honestly, my empathy is more for me then him; I don’t think, when he’s so depressed, my actions have much bearing on him. It’s more for me, so I don’t get so angry and frustrated. It then effects me and the kids, and its not worth it. I long for when I can realize this in the moment.


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