Full Time

Recently I was told that this newest big change in my life would overall be a positive. At the time I thought they were merely trying to bolster me up, but I’m beginning to see that they were correct. I’ve been surprised at the ease of transition I’ve had as I started work full time this week. It’s been a pleasant surprise to go to a dedicated place and work the typical workday and be able to just focus on that, and not be surrounded by reminders of how difficult things are on the homefront. Even the above average commute time has been a welcome change. It also helps to know W is around others who can keep an eye on him while I’m away, so I don’t have to constantly check in. I hesitate to say that this is the most up I’ve felt in awhile! The kids seem to be taking it in stride, and there is still time to be with them in the evenings before bedtime. It’s nice.

W continues to cycle through his moods almost daily. Thankfully it’s not extreme changes, but more an energy level issue. He’s adjusted some meds per the dr.’s advice, but kept some others the same, as he didn’t want to change everything all at once. Overall he continues to do better then he had been, but there is no indicator at how long this will go on. We continue to search for a good fit concerning drs. in the area, that won’t take half a day to drive to and from.

I’m so grateful to have this outlet, and to know poeple are reading and sharing in my struggles and triumphs. Some weeks are certainly harder then others, but it’s good to look back at what’s gone on and put it all in perspective a little more.


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