W’s mood has been improving daily since my last post, which is always great. The pdoc said he needs to stick to a regular sleep routine, which means not only going to bed at a set time, but getting up at a set time as well (that means no sleeping in). I’ve again started to get him his meds  a half hour before he wants to get up in the morning, and I think it’s helped a lot so far. It just means I can’t stay up too late either. Probably a good thing.

For me, I tend to handle stress either by eating, or getting on my computer and reading useless trash until the wee hours of the morning. It’s unproductive and unhealthy. And I’ll have to get into a better routine in the next few months anyway, as I’ll be easing back into the world of commuting.
In a  little over a week we’ll be trying out our new ‘exercise’ program. W and I will run together in the morning after WJ is dropped off at school. It’s a run/walk combo that has worked well for me in the past. I hope this is something that we can stick to, as I think it will really benefit both of us!
W’s memory continues to be spotty. Short term especially. It can be rather frustrating, and I’m puzzled as to why it’s happening if he’s getting the sleep he needs. Something else to ask the pdoc.

We’ve finished up painting the last of the rooms today in an effort to make the house as presentable as possible. Our realtor will be coming this week to take photos, and the sign goes up next Monday. With W and I working together, we were able to get the last room painted in one day. We’re both pretty tired, though. It was certainly a unique challenge with 2 kids who were in rather grumpy moods the whole day. I began to feel overwhelmed, as I’m behind on my regular paid work, and as much as I’ve tried, have not been able to catch up. Oddly enough, just thinking about January helps me feel as though there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I truly hope it’s positive, and not an oncoming train (haha).



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