Not A Bad Monday

A quick update after a tumultuous few days…W is very sleepy, due to one of the meds’ side effects. But he seems to be pulling out of the deep depression he had been struggling with. I credit that not only to the meds, but to phone calls made to encourage him. I know they do help, even if his demeanor doesn’t change immediately.

One thing I continue to have to re-learn is that I need to view this as an ILLNESS, and not as a shortcoming or character flaw in him. Sometimes I seem to grasp this; other times I seem to give in to my emotions and get angry at how he is acting, and begin to feel like this is always how it’s going to be. It’s not. Things will get better. We’ll get these meds figured out, and then these episodes will hopefully decrease in both occurrence and intensity. It’s definitely a learning process.
We saw the counselor today. He was quite good. I was able to speak more freely in front of W about my fears and thoughts, and the counselor did great at softening and ‘translating’ to show W that it’s not about personal rejection. I think that helped him. Although he was pretty lethargic due to the drugs. Ah well, I KNOW it helped me. W did say afterwards that we talked about some pretty heavy stuff; stuff he didn’t really like to talk about. I said we’re paying for these sessions, so I’m gonna get my money’s worth!! I’ve already dumped more $ into counseling over my lifetime then I’d care to admit. I’ve no time to dance around the basic communication lessons and such..let’s get to the meat of it and be done that much sooner šŸ˜‰

We have an appointment on Thursday with the pdoc. Hopefully he’ll be able to lower the med that makes W sleepy by then a bit, and see how he holds up.


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