A Quiet Day

Well, the medicine did its job pretty well, as W was in a fog all morning, went out for a bit to help at the church, then slept for most of the evening. Of course I prefer sleepiness to mania..but it was difficult, because C’s birthday was today, and W was not engaged much at all. At least he was with us. I hope that’s enough for the kids right now.

I know it was hard for me today because of how last night went, as well as seeing him so out of it today. I didn’t really want to be around him this morning, and it was so hard emotionally….to not stay angry with him, or feel sorry for myself. I finally did talk with him a bit and told him I can’t live like that; if he begins to get hostile again, we need to have a plan. It also concerns/annoys me that things I tell him he did and said, he can’t recall it. Like talking about going for a walk after 10 at night. He doesn’t recall saying it, even though it was 2 nights ago. That only made me realize how important it is for me to make sure I talk with the pdoc, and not just assume W will let him know everything that’s going on. The memory loss was not so apparent to me until the last few days (or he could be lying to me, but I don’t think that is the case right now).

So we’re trying to find a suitable place for him to go locally should he get like that again. I guess that’s the next small goal. I need to make them bite-size right now!!


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