Depression Again

It’s been since about last Friday that W has started sinking into a depressive cycle. I’ve noticed it the most yesterday and today, though. I tried to have a discussion with him about an area of concern in our relationship yesterday, and it went badly.

I kicked myself afterwards, and I know I need to learn to just find another way to vent frustration, but I yearn to have him as a stable partner. I think that’s why I try to have these talks; to push my desire that things go back to ‘normal’. Instead I walk away feeling sad and alone, and he walks away and sinks deeper into depression. Ugh

What makes it hard too is that he WAS talking normal on Sunday and Monday, and having some good insight and thoughts into the stuff with my mom, so I thought he was up for a talk about us. Not so.

I pushed him to call the dr. today. He did, but was not happy about it. When he left the message, he said he was losing his appetite. This was not something he shared with me, but I had a suspicion, since the peanut butter cups I bought him on Tues. have been left untouched. His sleep is ok, but he did wake up at 4am this morning, although he claims he went right back to sleep afterwards. Yesterday he got up at 7am, which is highly unusual for him. All these components worry me (depression, forgetfulness, lack of appetite, lighter sleep). Not sure what the dr. will say, but at least he’s informed.

So yeah, keep him in prayer, that he doesn’t dip too much farther and need to be admitted to the hospital.


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